Set 1 - 76 Rue Saint Maur

Surface 1076ft² (100m²)
Shooting area 592ft² (55m²)
Ceiling height 10,60ft (3m20)
Ground floor courtyard
Make-up room

Full day (9am-7pm) + equipment below

Half day (9am-2pm or 2pm-7pm) + equipment below

X studio délos
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(x1) Generator Profoto 2400J
(x1) ProHead
(x1) Softbox
(x2) Pocket wizard

Lighting stands
Polystyrenes & holders
Sand bags

Iron & ironing board
Hair dryer
Clothes rack & hanger

Folding chairs
Folding tables
Multi-socket & extension cords
Wifi & stereo

Extra lighting equipment list on Equipment

Additional supplies and services

Before 9am / After 7pm : 80€ +taxes
Before 8am / After 10pm : 120€ +taxes

Price mark-up for weekends and holidays : + 30%
Background paper (2m72) : 14€ (+taxes) per meter

Electricity consumption : flat rate 20€ (+taxes) per day
+0.22€/kWh if overtaking
(continuous light only)

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